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Relationships: Welcome


Check out our resources surrounding relationships and download them below

Relationships: Text


In this lesson students will listen to someone talking about their family and will identify/learn new vocabulary relating to different types of families. 

Relationships: About

Roles of the Family

In this lesson students will read about a family in the past and the present and think about how roles in the family have changed over the years, then they will make speculations about the future using probability expressions. 

Relationships: About

Let's Talk and Sex

In this lesson students will read about four young people’s experiences and thoughts on sex, will become more familiar with colloquialisms and will think about how important it is to respect others’ views. 

Relationships: About


In this lesson students will look at marriage practices and changes in these using the language of making deductions, and will discuss relationships using case studies and their own ideas.  

Relationships: About

Marriage Trends

In this lesson students will read statistics and do a true/false quiz about marriage in Europe and will compare this to other countries worldwide, practicing using the language used to talk about similarities and differences. 

Relationships: About


In this lesson students will talk about different types of relationships, give advice to someone going on a date with someone they have never met, read some dating profiles and try to match people. Finally they will reflect on their own views on dating. 

Relationships: About
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