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Keeping Safe: Welcome

Keeping Safe

Check out our resources surrounding keeping safe and download them below

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Street Crime

In this lesson students will learn the vocabulary for crimes which take place on the streets and will discuss their worries/feelings of vulnerability and what they do to keep safe by taking a survey — they’ll then practice the language used to report survey results. 

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Street Safety

In this lesson students will produce a leaflet/poster on how to stay safe on the streets where they live. 

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In this lesson students will watch a short clip and read some comments about cyberbullying; they’ll select adjectives to describe how the people feel and will talk about why and where they can seek help. 

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Combating Cyberbullying

In this lesson students will expand on the topic of cyberbullying — what it comprises, where it can take place, etc — by watching a video, answering questions and discussing what they should do if they experience cyberbullying. 

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Keeping Safe at Work

In this lesson students will cover safety and work hazard-related vocabulary within different jobs by creating information cards; they will discuss the importance of both physical and emotional safety and their right to both. 

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Safety Problems at Work

In this lesson students will expand their safety at work understanding by partaking in a running dictation, asking each other questions using prompt cards and discussing what the individuals in case studies could do about problems they’re having. 

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Online Safety

In this lesson students will discuss common online risks and problems; they’ll identify ways to protect themselves and report issues by thinking about how they would respond to scenarios. They will also consider advice to give to friends experiencing different problems online. They will then reflect on how safe they feel online. 

Keeping Safe: About
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