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About The Project

The project idea was formed in 2018 when we realised but there was an opportunity to offer a different type of English teaching across Europe. Thousands of schools across Europe offer English lessons to local students and migrants from further afield. Sometimes these English lessons are very theoretical.

We saw an opportunity to offer practical everyday English which incorporated cultural elements such as social interaction and the environment, these are topics which are useful for all students but especially so for those who are new to Europe. We believe that it will help them to learn about the culture of their new home.

The project started fully in 2019.

Partners started a research phase by talking to teachers support workers and charities who support migrant students and from this research we decided which categories of learning would be most useful, then started to create lessons.

The partnership comprises three organisations:

Southwark College

Fondazione San Nicolo in Italy

Bromma Gymnasium in Sweden

The project was funded with an Erasmus grant and all resources are completely free to use. We hope that you find them useful for your students and that they will save teachers a lot of time creating new resources.

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