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ERASMUS+ Integration Project

Teaching Resources

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Hello and welcome to the Erasmus+ funded Integration project

During the project we created 100 free resources for English lessons.

They are aimed at level B1 for older teenagers and adults (ESOL level Entry 3/Level 1).


Our aim is to combine English lessons with topics on European life and values, such as the environment, social interactions and work. This will support integration for migrants but topics are also relevant for European students.


Teaching Resources

Each resource includes teachers' notes, students' handouts and a short PowerPoint presentation.

They can be used as they are or customised if you prefer.

Explore our resources to find out more.

All Hands In
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High Fives
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Health and Well-being


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Environment Pollution
Business Consultation

Keeping Safe

The Environment


This project is a partnership between three schools and colleges in Europe.

Southwark College

Fondazione san Nicolo

Bromma Gymnasium